Rail Film Locations.BIZ

"A nine-mile film set in Derbyshire"

Our Trains

Modern-style Coaches

We have a small rake of modern-style coaches with modern interiors. Externally they are painted in Pullman livery, a mark of luxury in the rail industry.

Inside of our modern coaches

Diesel Multiple Units

A familiar presence on rural branch lines, suburban commuter routes and even main lines, we have a range of diesel multiple unit trains which represent British Railways services from the mid-1950s to the early 2000s. We can arrange a train from a single vehicle to up to 9 vehicles coupled together.

One of our single car diesel units
Inside one of our diesel multiple units

Period 1950s Coaches

We have a rake of 4 Mark 1 coaches from the 1950s. These coaches feature corridors and compartments, evoking memories of a bygone era. The fourth coach is our Royal Saloon, which features unusually large open windows at the end, freestyle leather seating and an onboard kitchenette.

Our 1950s coaches have a corridor and compartments

Freight and Unusual Formations

We have a variety of freight and special-purpose vehicles available either for use in filming or as support vehicles.


We have two resident steam locomotives which can be used around the station at Wirksworth.

One of our resident steam locomotives at Wirksworth